Let me introduce our company, KONZOL Kft. to you in hope of our future successful collaboration.

Please turn to us with trust and use our services.

The Company was established in 1991 and became engaged in the adjustment of machinery.

We do our works in line with our profile as contractors of new developments and building projects of factories, production halls, department stores and industrial sites in several parts of Hungary. We offer our dependable services to our business partners with several decades’ work experience gained in the building industry and within this, in the adjustment od machinery. With the support of our colleagues and business partners we are ready to implement the most complicated and specialized lifting and machinery handling tasks in Hungary or abroad.

In view to the possible best performance during the implementation of different tasks, we start working always with an on-site walkthrough, when the area is mapped up and surveyed, of course, always in consideration to the special needs of our customers.

The safety of our customers is ensured also by our liability insurance taken and maintained with Generali-Providencia Biztosító Zrt.

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